Welcome to Tortilla Flats in Vejle.


Since opening in 1987 we have been a family restaurant. Family run and family friendly. After 27 years it is still the first generation running the place, with second generation helping out, along with the approximately 25 other colleagues we have on site.


The kitchen is inspired by Mexico, tasty and spicy, but don’t worry, there is something for everyone on the menu, even if you are not chilli-fan. Should you on the other hand be a chilli enthusiast, we have a little secret stash as accommodate even the most tolerant of taste buds.


From the beginning it was always the intention that Tortilla Flats would be a place with room for everybody – amongst staff as well as guests.


Over time, the restaurant has evolved into a cultural melting pot, and currently we have over 10 different nationalities represented among our team members, and at least as many languages being spoken. Although the diversity sometimes creates challenges, we have managed to create an environment where people thrive. In an industry where the average employment is 3 months ours is closer to 3 years – and on several occasions have staff members celebrated their 10 year anniversary with us. We have named this phenomena ‘diversity in harmony’ and it’s possibility warms our large Tortilla hearts.


The diversity is also reflected in our clientele, which includes everything from the first teenage date, to business meetings and staff parties, men’s / ladies’ nights, birthdays, bachelor parties – even weddings, christenings, confirmations and funerals.


What initially started as the third restaurant in a franchise is today an autonomous, independent restaurant. In 1991, we broke with the chain and besides the name we have nothing to do with the other restaurants.


We have a marketing budget of about zero, because we do not believe purchased media coverage. We believe in quality, smiles, service and atmosphere – and the combination thereof is a product that should speak for itself. The only advertising we believe in is positive publicity.


Where possible we try to let our success be useful to others. Over the years we have supported many local and charitable activities. Art, handicapped sports, volunteering, Indians in the Amazon and Families with Cancer are just to name a few of a wide range of activities that has received our support and contribution.


In the first years of operation a busy night consisted of 25 guests. Today we have serve around 50,000 annual visitors. It isn’t gourmet, but an honest meal made from scratch by real people, served in a place where you can feel welcome, whether for a weekday treat, a romantic night out, a place to let your tears flow or your glasses salute.


We look forward to spoiling you.


<3 <3 <3 Tortilla team